the s indicates the presence

of sarcasm and sex



Welcome to the sex-and-other-desires-kind-of-blog of a twenty-nine-year-young woman, who grew up on a farm in the deepest Siberia and is living

in the 'centre of pandemic' now.

@user COVID-19: You're welcome to take a break & enjoy my writings, too! But wash your hands before, pls!

No, seriously. You are introduced to join me on my journey to my truest female self and to enjoy the special moments of this never ending trip.

It's gonna be sexy.

It's gonna be sarcastic.

It's gonna be sassy and smart.

But above all of the adjectives starting with s, I promise to keep it sincere. 

All of the written articles are real stories. 

I am looking forward to sexspire & entertain you.

@mum & dad: I warned you!



P.S. A special thanks goes to @COVID-19! 

I'm finally staying at home and publishing this blog.

There's is always a positive side.

Even regarding a pandemic.



©2020 Sstacykova, the "s" indicates the presence of sarcasm and sex.