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A bite by a werewolf

Aktualisiert: 17. März 2020

I guess, in times of a global pandemic a better title for this true (!) story would be: How a bite by a werewolf infected me in a positive way.


Halloween 2019.

Nadeschda and I decided to go out. To be honest, we didn't manage to put on some masks, costumes, creepy sexy makeup or whatever. We just didn't care. We went to our favorite club. Suuuuuuuper early. To avoid the long queue. After some delicious and overpriced Moscow Mules, shakes of our sweet little things #tothelefttotheright in an almost empty spot and the one or the other nice chat with some costumed groups of friends, the werewolf and his gang joined our table. #auuuu

"Hey, which costumes do you wear?", did he ask us. "Are you witches?". Hahaha.

As I already mentioned, Nadeschda and I were just ourselves. No costumes.

Just two natural (beautiful) girls. #healthyselfconfidence #musssein

"We are simply who we are", I answered. The werewolf looked deep into my eyes.

So, I guess, he did. He was wearing a mask! I couldn't see any part of his face.

BUT(T) I could see his hairy chest very well. #rischtigermann #thetruewerwolf (= is a band!).

Please google "behaarte Männer" on this stage! :D :D :D

No, seriously. I couldn't see his face, but the rest appealed to me very much.

We said a few words. I don't remember how exactly we came to this point, BUT(T) I told him that I feel like I don't belong to the country I'm living in.

"So where do you feel like you belong then?" he asked.


"Soy de Bilbao," was his answer.

"Tengo una alma española", I replied.

"Lo veo y lo siento", answered my Spanish hairy werewolf, grabbed on my waist and put his body on me. Just like the girl demands in Ed's song. #shapeofyou

And I just followed his lead.


I'm in love with your body


I'm in love with your body


I'm in love with your body


I'm in love with your body

Every day discovering something brand new

I'm in love with the shape of you

Come on, be my baby, come on

Come on, be my baby, come on


That's how a Spanish werewolf and a woman, who would like to belong to the Spanish population, "opened" the dance floor in a club in the middle of Germany, where a man needs to drink up the courage first to start dancing. #sadtruestory #wannabelatina

To find out how far the hairy werewolf and I went in that night – or in general – stay tuned and follow Sstacykova on insta or here.

Let me reveal only so much: At some point Mr. Werewolf's friends wondered if I wouldn't like to see his face. "You're a crazy woman, Stacy", they said.

Although you would never guess how the story of Mr. Werewolf and Sstacykova ends up on the other end of the globe. Imagine that some lesbian – or let's say bi-sexualvibes will appear.

Stay tuned.

Stay healthy.

Stay thirsty.


Your Sstacy

"I think we all have to fight the werewolf within us somehow."

William Kempe

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