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Coronavirus and dates: How an influenza influences our dating behaviour

How to date in the time of Corona?

First. Please wash your penis before texting me.

Second. The Coronavirus isn't just like the flu. Meanwhile, we're all aware of this, I hope. Some people are at higher risk of getting very sick from this illness. Every one of us should take all the necessary precautions and show as much solidarity as possible.

BUT(T), even if the virus is having a substantial impact on our everyday lives, I'd like to invite you to talk about dating in the time of Corona. I know, this topic appears immediately after panic-buying toilet paper and noodles. #prioritiesinorder

Let's start. I promised to talk from my own experiences on this blog. So, my new boo and I just cancelled our plans for this weekend. We are not going to see each other. And, what's more important, we are not going to exchange any body fluids with each other! #soadult Emphasis is placed on "each other". @mynewboo: If you're reading this, I'm joking, I'm not going to have face-to-face sex this weekend. Emphasis is placed on "face-to-face", if you know what I mean ;)

What I'm trying to explain here: I think, the whole Coronavirus situation is trying to remind us that there are more important things than having sex with a new boo or even a stranger nowadays. It's a bit philosophical, but maybe the universe is trying to kick our asses for real here and is giving us an opportunity to take life at a slower pace. The method is a questionable one, I agree, but we'd not understand and take it seriously otherwise – we didn't before!

My appeal to the dating community for the next few weeks: Don't engage in (sexual) intercourse in risky ways. Enjoy and love yourself. Read a book. Clean the windows. Let the sun shine at you. Avoid unnecessary contacts in general. And call your grandma, pls.

And, read my blog.

Some spicy stuff is coming soon. As from next week, I'm going to sexspire & entertain you every Monday.

#notthemondayisbadbutthejobyouhave #nichtdermontagistscheißesonderndeinjob #thankyoucoronavirus

You'll find articles about my first same-sex experience and so much more shareable content here soon.


keep calm & keep being sexy

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